Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday Inspiration!

Happy Monday!  It's a grey day here in Boston (who am I kidding, it's going to be grey here in Boston for the next several months) and I was thinking some entertaining inspiration may be exactly what's needed to kick off this week.  I've included some of my favorite designers...Colin Cowie, David Tutera, Preston Bailey, Karen Bussen, and Bryan Rafanelli:

The two images below are from David Tutera.  Orange is just the perfect "pick-me-up" color and LOOK AT THAT CANDLELIGHT.  Just another piece of evidence of how candlelight can impact the entire look.

 Now we are going to move to a birthday party by Colin Cowie featured on his website.  I've expressed my love for Colin Cowie here, and these pictures capture all the elements that I love about his work.  There is a balance to his designs that impacts the entire space.  Look at how perfectly the dendrobium orchids compliment the table in the back while still creating it's own design space.  I have a small obsession (OK, a huge obsession) with dendrobium the point that they were EVERYWHERE in my wedding.  I also love his interior dectorating style and there will be more to come of that tomorrow.

A close-up of the table you see in the background of the other two pictures.  Somehow, Colin Cowie makes the most simple design look ultra chic and I really think it comes from his use of color.  Each detail on the table compliments the next making a rather simple floral design pop with the white back drop and the green complimentary details of votives, glassware, napkins and even the place card bring your eye back to the centerpiece.  Again, the man knows how to create the perfect balance for a look.
I grabbed this Preston Bailey design because it has a striking similarity to Colin Cowie's design above.  In my opinion, Preston and Colin (yes, we're moving on to a first name basis) couldn't be more different in their designs.  Preston being the ultimate over-the-top show-stopping designer while Colin is much more subtle and uses small details to compliment the overall look.  That's why I like comparing these two images.  Preston used clear elements (lucite/glass vase and water) to create this green and white color scheme.  The other reason why I think it is cool to compare these two celebrations is because Colin's design was for a small, intimate birthday dinner, while Preston's is for a wedding or other large affair, which proves that you can gather inspiration for your party from any type of event.
Continuing with the glass/floating flowers trend we saw above, I am so inspired by this Karen Bussen creation.  This is such an attainable look by just using your own glassware as vases and letting the color of the flowers create a serene, peaceful look.  I love how the entire table just seems to be floating...simply stunning!

You didn't think I could go an entire post without having something with a little bling?  Being from the Boston area, I have some hometown pride for Bryan Rafanelli and all that he has accomplished in the entertainment business and this picture is a perfect example of why.  Linens are one of those details that can so easily be overlooked but can truly transform the look of a .  This picture shows the impact of a metallic, glittery table linen which seems to shine a spotlight on the rest of the table details.  I think those are ice sculptures in the middle which is one of the cooler ideas I've seen.  And with the LED light in the middle of the centerpiece, this is truly an inspiration look!

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