Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dwell Studio's Nursery

You may recall this post about the interior design topics I want to start discussing.  I'm helping a friend design her nursery and she introduced me to Dwell Studio's Nursery line.  I've always been a fan of Dwell Studio and have  used their fabric in my own home so it's not surprising how super cute their Nursery designs are.  I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to kick off some home design inspiration on the blog...

This is the crib and bedding she has purchased for her Nursery.  I love the modern lines and simple look of the crib while the bedding adds a playful and girly touch.  I'm a big fan of modern design but sometimes in a Nursery it can come across as too cold and I think Dwell has the perfect balance here.

I'm obsessed with their wallpaper line.  I would love to find a way to incorporate this into the Nursery.  They are renting so no wallpaper will be hung but I think we can find a way to use this.

OMG! This bedding is to die for!  I totally think this could work in a little girls room if you want to throw in a few feminine touches.

Did I mention how much I love their wallpaper?

I'm not a big fan of the crib (I have always had an aversion towards maple though) but I love the combination of the bedding and shades.  You have to check out their entire line of window treatments at the Shade Store.  They are having a sale right now where you can save $50 off a $500 purchase by using "dwellstudio".

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