Friday, December 31, 2010

Interior Design Musings...

It seemed appropriate to wrap up 2010 by introducing a new interior design component of the blog I wanted to add for 2011.  You see, there is nothing I love more than a party with good food, good design, and good people.  But I have this passion for interior design that started many years ago as I started putting together elements for my own home and has evolved as my life and finances have changed.  In fact, I'm going through the beginning stages of starting my own event and interior design business, so it struck me as silly not to use this blog as a creative outlet for all ingredients of style.  Therefore, in addition to entertaing ideas, tips, and conversations, I will be writing about interior design and other creative reflections.  I'm also contemplating changing the name of the blog but in the meantime, I think "Entertaining Chic" will work.  And honestly, a good party just seems more enjoyable in a well done home.

Sorry to make this a quick entry...we're hosting a New Year's Eve party tonight and I've gotta run!  I'll be sure to share pictures on Monday.  Wishing everyone a wonderful New Years!

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