Friday, January 7, 2011

Wii Party

Did you or someone in your family get a Wii for the holidays?  Or perhaps your family has had a Wii for quite some time and you're looking for an excuse to break out the game system.  Let's be honest, we're all kids at heart and a Wii will always bring a ton of laughs and a little competitive fun to any party. 

Food: Determine the Wii games you'll play and pick a menu that compliments that theme.  Wii Sports - Energy Bars; Mario - Spaghetti; Bowling - Hot dogs...Just have fun with it.  The number one detail is make sure your food is kept away from where you are playing Wii in order to avoid any unwanted accidents.  You can read more about creating popcorn bags (pictured above) at the thecelebrationshoppe blog.  I also love this idea from Hostess with the Mostess to create "Margamiitas" and "Mowiitos" for drinks.

Mii:  It is crazy how easy it is to create a Mii online and what a phenomenally fun way to personalize the party for your guests.  You can use the Mii's on cupcakes, toppers (food or dessert), and even print them out to use as a way to track the scoring.  Use any of these websites to create a Mii for you and your guests:
Decor: Bold, vibrant colors seem appropriate for this theme and red immediately comes to mind.  You can incorporate this through a simple table cloth or using flowers, candles, vases, platters, etc.  Put this Etsy poster in a frame and put it on your food table or hang it in the section people are playing Wii (you can choose from a number of colors).  If you're feeling really ambitious, these crochet Wii characters are absolutely adorable and could replace pillows around your home or be positioned where the games are taking place.

Favors:  Nothing says "Wii Party" like Wii remote favors.  You can get them as pez dispensers at a number of stores including Walgreens, RiteAid and at this website. You can also print this wii remote template so you can fill them with any kind of candy or favor you would like.  Finally, you can never go wrong with chocolate and Chocolate Mii's seem the best fit for an adult Wii party.

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