Monday, September 26, 2011

Home Projects Overview

Hello All, so after a 3 month break, I'm very glad to be back on my blog and sharing my design projects.  For a little info about my hiatus you can go back to my post on Friday.  I can't believe that activity on the blog was still steady and I feel terrible that people were visiting and I didn't have any posts.  But that is behind us and I'm glad to be back in the world of blogging.  I hope my posts from this point on prove worth the wait.

To kick things off, I wanted to give you an overview of the many projects I have planned for our home this next year.  One of my favorite things when viewing other blogs is to see what the bloggers home looks like.  I'm well aware that I've been avoiding putting pictures of my home because I didn't feel it was representative of who Nate and I are and what we want it to look like.  I've finally gotten my act together and planned the actual updates I want to make around here and in looking at everything, it appears the next year is going to be filled with a lot of fun new projects...and that doesn't even include what I would like to do with the bedrooms.

As you can see from the floorplan, we have an open kitchen/dining/living room area.  This is perfect for entertaining but can be challenging when trying to decorate.  We need to give each space its own purpose but have to keep the look consistent enough throughout so that it all works together.  To accomplish this, we've used a fairly similar color scheme throughout (blues, oranges, greens, and browns) and then arranged the furniture to dictate the area.  While I think we have a strong start (and don't plan on changing the furniture floorplan), I think it's rather boring and safe. It needs historical pieces, texture, patterns and interesting (almost risky) decor.  To accomplish this, I've laid out all the areas I want to improve throughout the front area of our condo.  Some of these are DIY projects and some we'll be purchasing but in the end I think we'll have the interesting and exciting home we want (at least until I decide I want to change it again).

#1: Update the bench with new pillows and bench cushion
#2: Wallpaper the hallway
#3: Change the coffee table
#4: New Artwork above the bench
#5: Change the shape and add extra mirrors above the couch
#6: Seperate seating area in living room
#7: New Curtains
#8: Wallpaper Nook
#9: Ottomans
#10: Shelving/Divider
#11: Update Centerpiece
#12: Plants
#13: New Artwork
#14: End Chairs
#15: New Bar Stools
#16: Backsplash & Lighting
#17: Media Area

I'm hoping we can get this all done in the next 5-7 months.  In fact, #1 and #2 are almost done and I'll be sure to share the transformation with you soon. 

Does anybody else find home updates challenging?

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