Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Elizabeth Kimberly Design

I was first introduced to Elizabeth Kimberly Designs on Caitlin Creer's blog and was mesmerized by their gorgeous design.  Low and behold, a visit to their website awaited even more stunning pictures that I just had to share.

A room that literally contains all of my favorite bed, Barcelona chairs, mirrored side table, sisal about a happy place.
 Not only is this kitchen stunning but I love how they staged it with cupcakes and champagne. I'm also captivated by that faucet and sink.
But probably my all time favorite space in their portfolio is they foyer pictured in the two images below.  For a space that can often be an afterthought, this foyer could not be more beautiful and inviting. There are also so many details in every nook and cranny that I'm enamored over the amount of attention given this area.
 Apparently I'm obsessed with their foyer designs...

 I wonder if those are painted canvases or fabric?

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