Friday, April 29, 2011

The Dress

What a fun day. I wanted to write this post about all the wedding details (including the decor) but I have had the hardest time finding images and information about their decorations.  Supposedly there is $1.5 million of floral decor that I can't find a single bit of information about.  Oh well, maybe it will come out in the next couple days and can be a post for the future.  So instead, let's focus on what everyone really has been anticipating the most anyway...The Dress.

I have to admit that even though I set my alarm for 4am to watch this fairy tale in real time, once the alarm went off, the idea of wedding dresses and romance no longer seemed like a top priority and I woke up at 6:30 to watch the end of the ceremony and all that followed.  So thank goodness for the Internet (and E! News spending the entire day covering repeat Wedding footage) so that I could get my sleep and see all the details. 

My very first reaction when I saw the dress was slight disappointment.  I really didn't like the silhouette; how safe, even boring.  I was hoping for something more dramatic, more modern, more high-style.  Also, as countless others have pointed out, I thought of Grace Kelly the second I saw the dress.  Why would she choose a dress that was so reminiscent of another?  But as I continued watching her walk down the aisle and saw the details and gorgeous simplicity, I realized it couldn't have been a more perfect dress.  It's the dress that fairy tales are made of and with the cut of the neckline and fit of the lace, it is the perfecting merging of a traditionally elegant, classic look with a modern twist...exactly what makes us love this adorable couple.  And it also makes me wonder how many more dresses we will see with sleeves with this point on.

But perhaps my favorite story that has come out of all the news of the day was when Harry snuck a peak at Katherine as she was walking down the aisle and whispered to his big brother...

"Wait till you see her?"

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