Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Urban Exchange

I went this past weekend to Urban Exchange, an upscale furniture consignment shop around the corner from my building. I'm on the hunt for furniture and accessories for a condo lobby project I'm working on. The shop is mainly floor pieces from BDC so you can find some fantastic prices on beautiful furniture and accessories.  The trip did not disappoint as my client and I found the chair that will now be the inspiration for the entire lobby design.

The nailheads "had me at hello" and is the reason I want to use this chair for the design.  I love how it merges a contemporary print and silhouette with glamorous details and fabric...the perfect way to describe the aesthetic of the condominium as a whole.
 The zebra wood feet were also such a beautiful detail.

Another amazing piece was this zebrawood swivel chair. It was a little out of the price range for this project, but I'd love to use this chair in the future. Hopefully nobody snatches it up before I have a chance. My mind is already jumping to all the amazing fabrics that would go with this gorgeous wood.  (As a side note, I don't mean any offense to the efforts going towards preserving this endangered wood).

A few other fun finds...

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