Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Fiddle Leaf Figs

We've all seen them, some of us know what they are, and others just know that we like them...the fiddle leaf fig tree has been making an appearance in every major shelter print/digital mags, books, and blogs out there. I can speak from experience how dramatic and beautiful these trees are. I can also speak from experience that they require particular care and if you have a black thumb (like yours truly) you will one day have to part with your beloved fiddle leafs.

The picture of Jonathan Adler's living room above was the inspiration for my own living room pictured below (sorry, this is the only picture I could find). And the minute I saw those trees I knew I had to have them.

What I found so interesting when trying to purchase these trees was how difficult they were to find. Some one needs to inform the gardening/nursery community just how fantastic and popular these trees are because I called over a dozen nurseries and most of them had never heard of a fiddle leaf fig and those that had were talking about the wrong plant (seriously, that happened more than I ever thought possible. At one place, they said they knew exactly what I wanted and that I could special order them so I ordered two 6 foot+ fiddle leaf figs, and when the order arrived, they were regular figs that were 3 feet). I finally had luck with one place and if you're in the Boston area, you can find Fiddle Leaf Figs at Jacobson Floral Supply near the flower market.

It was completely our fault that our trees died because we over-watered them (continuing to prove the danger of my black thumb since I thought water was a good thing) but they aren't crazy expensive (about $75/tree) and they lasted about four months (which is a plant record in my household), so I figured it was no big deal to replace them a few times a year. Nate disagreed with me on this since he was the one who had to lug these heavy suckers into our condo and get them all situated, but we all have to suffer for beautiful designs. Fortunately for Nate (and his back), we added some shelving to an area in our living/dining room space that wouldn't allow replacement trees to fit and alas our fiddle leaf fig trees will have to wait for a future home (or at least until I want to redesign yet again...which is usually sooner rather than later). In the meantime, enjoy these beautiful interiors that showcase these majestic trees.

Source: via Lindsey on Pinterest


  1. I love fig trees, I believe that Habitually Chic did a post a while back on them.

  2. Thanks for this post! I just googled "fiddle leaf fig boston" as I start my quest to find one, and this popped up. I would have called a dozen nurseries, too. Super helpful. :)