Thursday, January 26, 2012

Dubois Mirror

The Crate & Barrel Dubois Mirrors hold a special place in my heart because they were one of the first decorative items Nate and I bought for our place shortly after we got married. I'm terrible at finding those gems at flea markets or antique shops. I blame it on my need to plan for EVERYTHING and there are just too many unknowns when it comes to antiquing, but the irony is that I love the vintage character that antique items bring to a space. The Dubois Mirror provided that balance for our place; making it easy to take advantage of our Newly Wed discount for our Crate & Barrel registry (I've always been curious how much of their profit comes from registries...I'm guessing A LOT) while the mirror provided that rustic and antiqued look our home so desperately needed.

We had originally purchased four of these mirrors and hung them in their square shape next to each other to make a large square. This look worked very well in our first condo but when we moved back to Boston, we moved into a condo with 10.5 foot ceilings and an open living area that made this arrangement seem very forced and lonely. The scale just seemed all wrong.
This is a pre-G11 picture and please excuse the reflection of me still in my pajamas taking a shot of this wall.
Even though this felt out of place, not only did I still really like these mirrors but the mirrors were functional as well.  The only window (granted it's a floor-to-ceiling huge window) in the entire open concept of our kitchen, dining, and living room is next to our couch. I absolutely love our home but my only huge gripe with it is we get NO light. The mirrors were allowing us to maximize the very little sunlight we get and I didn't want to lose that. It wasn't until I saw the image from Coco Rocha's apartment from the Homes section in that I realized we weren't allowing these mirrors to meet their potential...the answer was to change the shape and bring in more of them.

Luckily three years later Crate & Barrel still sells the Dubois Mirrors, so we were able to purchase four more and create a diagonal diamond shape that not only adds more interest to this space, but also compliments the large area and provides more light (love it when design adds functionality).

These babies took a while to hang since we measured each mirror in the exact spot we wanted and the holes on the back of the mirrors were different for each one so we couldn't repeat any measurements. I love how they provide glamour with a rustic-edge.

Sorry I didn't show you how these tie together in the whole room. I don't want to show too much...  But we're moving along on these house projects and there are plenty more goodies to come. Happy decorating.

 #1: Update the bench with new pillows and bench cushion - completed
#2: Wallpaper the hallway - completed
#3: Change the coffee table
#4: New Artwork above the bench - completed
#5: Change the shape and add extra mirrors above the couch - completed
#6: Separate seating area in living room
#7: New Curtains
#8: Wallpaper Nook
#9: Ottomans
#10: Shelving
#11: Update Centerpiece
#12: Plants - RETIRED
#13: New Artwork
#14: End Chairs
#15: New Bar Stools
#16: Backsplash & Lighting
#17: Media Area
#18: New Bed and Bedding (hello, King!)
#19: Vanity
#20: New Nightstand
#21: Wardrobe/Closet System
#22: Bedroom Chandelier
#23: Bedroom Rug
#24: Reorganize laundry/pantry/office/mud room area


  1. Lindsey, These look awesome! Ironically, I have four of the same mirrors. Love them! I have them in the square pattern, but they are also in my dining room which is much smaller and darker. I used them to bring more light in the room too. On a near wall I have my grandfather's clock (really it was MY grandfather's clock) and both had a lived in rich feel when everything else in the room is newer. I love the idea that down the road I could switch it up. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks, Megan! You know what they say about great minds... :)

  2. I am simply amazed at your ability to draw up an interior plan like this!
    I would love to learn how to do it myself one day!

    1. I can't take credit for the floor plan, it came from our realtor. But there is a great website ( that's pretty easy to use if you ever wanted to do this yourself.

  3. Love these! They look fab in your space!

  4. i love your idea of making a list! i might have to make one of my own. congrats on knocking off so many projects off already! love the bench :)

  5. Thanks, everyone! I'm definitely getting eager for everything to be done.

  6. These look SO great hung like you arranged them. But how did you attach them to the wall? I have had three Dubois mirrors for ages that I display propped up versus hung because of the mirrors' construction.

  7. Does anyone on this thread want to sell two of the Dubois mirrors to me? I have a set set of six hanging on my kitchen wall and two of them fell and broke. Crate & Barrel does not sell them anymore :////