Monday, October 10, 2011

30th Birthday Inspiration

This past weekend Nate hosted an incredible 30th birthday party for me.  I'm so grateful for all the work and planning he did and it was very special to bring in this next decade surrounded by my family and friends.  He was also kind enough to let my type-A personality come out a little so he let me put together some design flair for the party.  Pictures and details of the event are coming soon but I wanted to share some images that I pulled inspiration from for the decor.

The party was held at Woodward located in the Ames hotel in Boston. It's modern style and old world sophistication offered the perfect design inspiration and I wanted everything to be cohesive with the beauty that already existed in the room.  As you can see from the image above, the architecture in the room was fairly simple with a gorgeous fireplace and dark retro furniture with a modern flair.  I immediately wanted to create a color story around the beautiful velvet green pillows located around the room.

The style also translated well into the bar area with industrial touches mixed with glamorous lighting and crisp white touches.

Unfortunately, the picture above does not have the the pillows that were located on that coach where I also grabbed the inspiration for all the details of the party.  The pillows were a green and aubergine color scheme with a paisley pattern.  I decided that translating that paisley pattern into a damask print around the room would work well without looking matchy matchy. 

This image from JL Designs is the perfect example of how I could take that theme into other elements of the party.  A runner (or perhaps ribbon, hint hint) could be draped along the cake table.

We did passed h'ordeuvres so there wasn't going to be a table for food, but I really love the tiered flower arrangement offered in this Mindy Weiss design.  I decided to have a larger cake table with a beautiful arrangement as a central component to the room.

I've been very inspired by artichokes and succulents lately.  I thought it could be a perfect detail on the cocktail tables located around the room.  Since the cocktail tables are a mirrored surface, candles would also add the perfect reflection.

The design was created to allow the room itself to stand out while still adding a level of beauty and interest that made it a more festive environment.  I can't wait to share the final images with you!

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