Thursday, April 14, 2011

Project Sneak Peak!

I'm so excited to share with you the kitchen project I've been doing at my parent's house.  It's been a lot of fun working with my Mom to update their kitchen (and it's also kind of weird watching the kitchen you've grown up in gradually change) and seeing that we have fairly similar taste, this has been a great project for selfish reasons as well.  We're still working on the window treatments, swapping the dining chairs & stools and changing the desk cabinetry to a bar/wine fridge space but here's what we have so far...

This project has really been about updating the space without a major remodel.  The kitchen was last decorated about 13 years ago and had the oh-so-popular 90s staples like faux painting in a peachy/beige color, brass knobs on the cabinetry, and black appliances.  So silvery/slightly blue paint, brushed steal knobs, and new stainless-steal appliances have really been the primary drivers of this design.  The counter tops are corian and in fantastic shape so there was no need to spend the big bucks to add a more mainsteam material like silestone or granite.  Same goes for the cabinetry which is a beautiful dark cherry color.  I like that the cabinets and countertops are fairly unique materials and colors which adds a different dimension while still allowing use modern trends like stainless steal and a gray color scheme.
My Mom has been so giddy with excitement over the new kitchen she couldn't even stay still to keep the picture from coming out blurry.

We ordered a new mirror for the wall on the left that should be hung next week and that painting will most likely move down the hallway to add some color when you first walk-in. There will be new stools as well which I'm thinking of using a velvet silver metallic fabric.

The chandelier, sisal rug and paintings are a new addition but the dining area is the original furniture.  I'm torn as to whether we should change the chairs (the table will definitely stay) because I like the eclectic mix of american colonial furniture with the modern glamour we've added throughout the kitchen.  But I also think the chairs would add a nice opportunity to bring in some patterned fabric with additional color.  It's hard to see from this photo but the paintings are an abstract mix of black, yellows and blues, which would go perfectly with some Dwell studio fabric I've found.  This could also possibly be used for the counter stools.

The next item on the to do list is window treatments.  The large sliding doors pictured above will get a translucent white linen fabric.  We're keeping the fabric light and airy for both function and harmony.  These sliding doors are used a lot to get out to the deck area and this is also where the room gets most of its sunlight, so a heavy, patterned fabric would create too much visual weight in this corner.  We'll do roman shades for the window above the sink (pictured below) in a dark platinum color to counter the white and light grays dominant in this area.

The back splash tile is also new and is absolutely stunning in person.  It blends the corian counter tops with the gray paint and stainless steal accents perfectly while adding a regal, elegant touch to the entire room.

As you can see from these two pictures, my family also has a serious coffee addiction...

I'll be sure to keep you posted as this project progresses.


  1. Thanks Linds for all your help.

  2. Hey Lindsey, Love what you did with your mom's kitchen dining area. I wish my mom would let me update hers; she maintains that she loves the original knobs, etc. even though they are tremendously dated! Read that you were torn on the dining chairs. I'd keep the four side chairs and then just update the two at the end with upholstered ones (perhaps a yellow pattern). Allows you to update but keep a nod to the past as well.
    -Megan Campbell