Tuesday, February 15, 2011

J. Crew Ad Campaign

Nate and I are leaving tomorrow for a week in Las Vegas with some great friends and I have clothes on the brain as I try to pack.  Has anyone else come across J. Crew's Hollywood Glam ad campaign?  It's this perfect combination of 60s era, fun, bright outfits with an interesting storyline as they make their way through Hollywood.  You also get several shots of Joan's husband from Mad Men (minus the whiny, aggressive behavior he exhibits on the show).  I'm always a big fan of J. Crew, but I especially like how they did something different that is both artistic and inspiring outside of just clothing.  The bright colors, beautiful back drops and interesting use of light are a pleasure to take in.

One negative note, though...if I wasn't longing for warmer weather before looking at these pictures, I certainly am now.  These ads are like a stab to the heart for us Northerners still braving ice and cold.  Oh well, there is a light at the end of the tunnel; or at least the option to move to LA.

On a side note, I have every intention of trying to keep up with the blogging this week when we're in Sin City but I apologize ahead of time if I fall behind.  Regardless, I'll be sure to share the amazing sites with you when I return if not sooner.

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  1. ohmygracious. not only do I adore J.Crew, I want to rewind history to live in a world like this...and be dressed like it too ;) hope you have so much fun on your vacay! can't wait to read more from you when you get back! xoxo {av}