Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

I'm really sorry for not posting this past week.  I was delusional to think that I could keep up with blogging everyday when on vacation but the good news is that I have some incredible design stories to share with you.  We've been to Vegas several times and each visit I'm reminded of how magnificent the hotels, restaurants, and lounges are in this mesmerizing city.  But one hotel that we saw for the first time blew me away. 

The Cosmopolitan opened at the end of 2010 and is a magical fusion of glamour and boutique style.  I was literally letting out crys of joy as I was walking through and taking it all in (very much to the embarrasment of those that had to be with me) and just when I thought I couldn't love a certain piece more, I would find another detail that was just as stunning.  Out of all the gorgeous features throughout this building, I think my all time favorite was the pink chandelier hidden in a back hallway behind the casino.  It's this perfect pop of color with this contemporary, glamorous shape that pictures just don't do it justice.  The chandelier stands out that much more against a neutral wallpapered (I think, it may be painted and I couldn't find anything online that said how it was created) ceiling with the perfect complimentary pattern. 

In addition to the design elements throughout, another amazing element of the hotel was the graphic art and lighting .  Vegas is a very sexual city, which often crosses the line of just plain crude.  The Cosmopolitan offers that perfect balance of sexy and beautiful.  You can't take your eyes away for all the right reasons.

I can't wait to go back and see this beautiful hotel again and I'm sure I'll find many design elements I missed the first time.  Here's a sneak peak into one of the most amazing hotels I've ever seen.  Since we didn't stay in the hotel, I never had a chance to see the rooms, but I found this interview by the designer/architect of The Cosmopolitan which proves the rooms are just as amazing as the rest of the hotel.  You better believe Nate and I were checking room rates in the airport on our way home yesterday already planning on our next trip out there.

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