Tuesday, February 1, 2011

High Gloss is Here!

I've been anticipating the launch of High Gloss for a while and I must say, the editors did not disappoint.  The digital magazine is chock full of amazing photographs, interesting articles, and just all things beautiful.  I've really grown to appreciate all the digital magazines out there but my first reaction is that High Gloss is going to move to the top of the pack.

A few of my favorite things:

Towards the beginning of the issue they introduce various designers (giving a shout out to several bloggers!) who created an inspiration board based on a specific style.  My favorite was from Nicole Gibbons from So Haute.  I also thought it was so cool how this look mirrored a feature they did later in the issue about a design created by Erin Gates (one of the editors of High Gloss and Elements of Style...my all time favorite blog!!).  Not only was it fun that they showed various ways to create this look for your own home, but I personally found it fun that we got a complete look at Erin's work.  Some of my favorite posts from Elements of Style is when she shows the readers the projects she is working on with clients and this was the first time we got a complete look at the design she did for a female client in the South End.  Complete eye candy and major applause to the fabulous Mrs. Gates!


The magazine had several phenomenal features on various homes, but my personal favorite was the feature of Jaime Meares who writes the I Suwannee blog (I love that they have so many bloggers featured in the magazine).  The details throughout her entire house are insanely creative, although it's not too surprising considering all the amazing items she sells in her online store, Furbish.

There is also a great write-up that offers several entertaining tips and photographs of a gorgeous spread created by David Jimenez.  I only wish they have more of this in the next issue!

Finally, probably the feature I found most impressive was the article Editor-in-Chief, Paloma Contreras wrote about a non-profit organization, Pencils of Promise.  As they point out in the introduction, as much fun as it is to look through the glamorous and chic elements that we love to incorporate in our lives, it's what we give back others that truly makes a "well-lived life".  Kudos to High Gloss for bringing this important reminder to our attention.

Congratulations on a phenomenal first issue High Gloss team!!!

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  1. I liked it a lot too... though I expected to, seeing as though it was coming from Erin and Paloma. So many spaces that just spoke to me!