Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Are you Ready for Some Football?

...or at least a Super Bowl party.   Nate and I are fortunate enough to live in a building where we do know our neighbors who have become wonderful friends.  We often host parties for one another (probably as much for the convenience as for the company) and the Super Bowl this Sunday is no exception.  We're all responsible for bringing something to the party and it got me thinking it may be fun to create an inspiration board for the 150 Dorchester Ave Super Bowl party.

I hate it when a party is overwhelmed by a theme because it can quickly look tacky but I found so many cute football related pieces on Etsy that I couldn't help myself.  Sadly, my beloved Patriots ended the season on a sad note, so I will be enjoying this party solely for the food and good company (and the commercials).  What are your Super Bowl plans?

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