Friday, January 21, 2011

Updated Filing Cabinet

Yet another day leaving us snowed in made me tackle a filing cabinet update project I've been meaning to do for a month.  I've had this boring, grey aluminum filing cabinet for years and have always hid it in closets but a recent redo of our laundry/pantry/office space brought this thing out front and center.  Action had to be taken!


I knew I wanted to paint the cabinet white and had left over Behr paint/primer from a different project earlier this month.  Perfect, lets get painting.
I rolled the primer/paint onto the cabinet in order to avoid brush strokes.  And, yes, totally busted...I didn't empty out the cabinets!!  I had every intention of doing that, but I couldn't get the drawers out of the filing cabinet, so I just gave in (or gave up) and left the cabinets in place.  We use the top drawer to hold all our random tools and I'm going to organize that drawer this weekend, but I wanted to get to painting immediately.  Also, because I didn't take out the drawers, the filing cabinet was too heavy to put on a drop cloth, so I had to paint a little bit of our hardwood floors.  It came up really easily, although my nails have seen better days because of it.

I had left over wallpaper from our bedroom, so I decided to jazz it up a little and put the wallpaper on the front of the drawers.  In order to put the handles back on, I gently poked a hole through the wallpaper with a screwdriver and then simply screwed the handle back in place.

And the final result:

Lets see the Before/After:

It's certainly not perfect but I love how it blends with the rest of the room and this entire project took about 1 hour (not including paint drying) and cost a whopping $0.  Not too shabby for making the most of a snow day.

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