Monday, January 24, 2011

DIY could drive 2011 Trends

When considering trends in home design it's always interesting to reflect on what trend is accessible or even smart to fully adopt in your home.  Trends come and go, so it can be an expensive and risky move to jump into a home design trend because it could look dated or overused by this time next year.  That is why 2011 is shaping up to be an exciting year with many of the trends being low-cost and accessible with a little Do-it-Yourself effort.   DIY has been taking off over the past couple years. Between being cost-efficient, environmentally friendly, and offering immediate customization, it's no wonder why DIY has become so popular and will mostly drive 2011 home design trends.
Lonny Magazine

Repurposing Furniture.  With the combination of "fleamarketing" becoming a cool thing to do on the weekend (as evidenced by "fleamarketing" becoming a widely used word) and technology allowing easy accessibility to used furniture through sites like Craigslist, E-Bay, and thrift store websites, the momentum of DIY repurposing will become mainstream in 2011.  And why not, really?  With a little sanding and paint, and new hardware you can add so much character to a room at very little cost.

Effortless Style

Textured Fabric.  Animal prints made a comeback in 2010 (and fortunately not in a stereotypical New Jersey sort of way).  Greek Key, Trellis, and Ikat patterns were also very popular.  We will continue seeing these patterns but textured fabric such as velvet, faux fur, leather, and sisal will become the trend in 2011.  What's exciting about this is that you can become more adventurous with these different textures by adding pillows or DIY window panels.  These textured fabrics will immediately add layers to your design at minimal cost.

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Mirrored Accessories.  It seemed like lacquer bar trays were everywhere this past year.  What's exciting about 2011's trend of mirrored accessories is that we can take those same bar trays and simply add some spray paint or fit a mirror on the bottom of it with some glue.  Again, DIY is allowing easy transition to these new trends.

Nate Berkus

Building Projects - I have memories of playing in the IKEA kids playroom, so IKEA certainly isn't a trend, but the simple and well-edited look it provides will be in 2011.  And if IKEA is not DIY, I don't know what is.  It's not just IKEA that will give you this look, we're going to see more people building and/or repainting their shelving or cabinetry to create a simple, clean backdrop in a room.  Fancy moldings and busy wood will no longer be the central focus of built-in shelving or cabinetry.  Books ARE actually being judged by their covers and every accessory is being considered in the overall design because the simple construction and colors of these building projects are allowing the details to shine. 

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