Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thanksgiving Table

I came across this tabletop on the HGTV website and immediately was inspired by how I could create a similar look for our Thanksgiving table.  The look is traditional and fairly simple, but the details compliment all the entire table perfectly.  Probably my favorite part is this table is proof that you don't have to buy special dinnerware sets for the holiday...a simple, white plate is always going to be the perfect staple.  A few of my favorite things:

  • You can find similar candles in various sizes at Crate and Barrel and notice how placemats are used as candleholders, it adds a unique balance to the whole table.
  • The glassware and appetizer plates are what really makes this table so beautifully understated and the best part is you can use them other than just Thanksgiving.  I'm still on the hunt for those plates so let me know if anyone finds them.
  • The glass vases on the buffet go perfectly with the luminescent airy look on the table.  How perfect are these Recycled Spanish Glass Vases from West Elm for a similar look?
  • The berry branches can be found at any craft store, proving yet another reason why I love this's so possible to do this for your Thanksgiving table.

The pear adds a pop of green to the amber, gold, bronze, and brown theme.  I think I would add a place card to the pear but I like that this table is less formal...the way it should be for the holidays.

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