Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Beginning

And so it begins…the first blog entry to what I hope is an exciting and fun project.  With the holidays fast approaching and as I look for a creative outlet to share my ideas and joy for entertaining it seems like a perfect time to start my very own blog.  I absolutely love design and I believe that entertaining provides the beautiful elements of design with the perfect experience of company.  

While I enjoy the style and experience of entertaining, my husband, Nate, is the cook in our family and he'll be sharing his recipes and cooking tips.  In fact, the concept of this blog actually started several months ago after Nate had an opportunity to appear as a guest on Food Network’s Grill It! with Bobby Flay…he’s kind of a big shot.  But seriously, it was after the show that we realized we would love to share about cooking, designing and overall entertaining.  We will be posting our party ideas, design inspirations, and recipes for all of you (ok, so really, right now, I'm just writing to my Mom.  Hi Mom!) but we would love for you to share your parties as well because there is nothing better than good company.  

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