Thursday, February 10, 2011

Modern Table Finds

One of my good friends is currently moving back to the Boston area to open her own fitness studio.  Due to the craziness of starting a new business, she hasn't had time to decorate her new apartment and has called upon me to get the process started.  She has phenomenal taste and I've always found her style very inspiring, so I was very honored she would ask for my help. 

The first piece of furniture she is looking for is a dining room table.  She has a one bedroom apartment near her studio and is looking for something fairly inexpensive on the modern-side and can seat 4-6 people.  She currently owns the wrap dining room chairs from West Elm in brown and wants something that will go with these chairs.  We used these images as a starting off point:

I thought a round tulip table added more versatility with how we could position it in her living/dining room area.  I also like how we have some modern flexibility with the tabletops and that the tulip table goes with her wrap dining room chairs. 

I found some great options and I'm leaning towards the marble tabletop because she has a gorgeous blue sectional and we could add some glamour to this modern space.  The only problem is, the marble is a little smaller than what I would like and the next size up is out of the budget.  What do you guys think?  Which table do you like best?


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  1. Wow. LOVE that big mirror in one of the middle pics. I NEED that in my house! Ha! :)