Monday, December 6, 2010

Host & Hostess Gift Ideas

While it's always a blast planning your own holiday party, being able to enjoy get-togethers at friends and families houses can be even more exciting.  Aside from the obvious joy of a party with friends, holiday parties also serve as an opportunity for great decorating and entertaining inspiration and perhaps even more fun is giving creative host and hostess gifts.  Before getting a hostess gift, I like to think about their personal style; that is, something that would fit well in their home or what they would use for entertaining.  I also don't want to get anything too over the top.  These aren't necessarily supposed to be a holiday gift but rather a symbolic gesture of thanks to your hosts for inviting you to their party, so they shouldn't be that over the top and expensive.  Here are a couple ideas that will be sure to please your party host:

Wine w/ Customized Labels:  Perhaps the most common and obvious host gift is a bottle of wine.  Add a unique touch to this common gift and create a customized label for that bottle of wine.  There are some fantastic stores on Etsy that can customize and/or personalize.  In fact, you can order several labels at one time and use them for future parties so you don't have to worry about planning ahead.

Throw: I think a throw is always a perfect gift because it can add a nice, warm detail to someones home.  Worst case scenario, if they prefer not to hang a throw over their furniture, they can always put it away in a closet and use it as a blanket on a cold winter night.  Either way, it will serve a purpose for your host.  I love the West Elm's throw that you can actually personalize with the hosts' monogram.  Personalizing the gift shows a little extra effort and makes the gift even more unique.
Gender Specific Gifts:  For single host or hostess' you may want something more gender-specific.  These  magnets from Anthropologie are absolutely adorable and would be perfect for the stylish hostess.  Going back to the benefits of personalizing the gift, these playing cards from Horchow can offer an unexpected but useful purpose for even the ultimate guys guy.

Picture Frames: This can be a perfect gift for a host who you are closer with.  If you're nervous about what type of style to go with, you can never go wrong with Jonathan Adler.  Find your favorite picture with you and the host and make sure to put it in the frame.

CANDLES!!!: Where do I even start?  Quite frankly, if you have no idea what to get your host, go straight for a candle because you simply can't go wrong.  Even if it's the wrong color, style, or in some situations, will still get used.  Like I said, you have to be careful with smell, so avoid candles that are too aromatic.  My all time favorite place to get candles is Candle Delirium because they have so many amazing options.  The 3-votive gift set on the right is perfect just for the box alone!

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