Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Memories

Yesterday was a wonderful time with our family and it reminds me of all the memories and thankful moments the holiday brings.  With all the preparation and work that went into hosting Thanksgiving this year, I almost missed what makes this holiday so special.  This is a great time of year in general, with so many holidays to celebrate and good times to be shared with family and friends, I've grown from enjoying Christmas the most to now finding Thanksgiving my favorite holiday.  The reason for this is that Thanksgiving is about the people you are with.  There aren't gifts or count downs or even that much prep (OK, so maybe the 10 blog posts just about Thanksgiving prep may be diminishing this argument) to worry about when it comes to Thanksgiving.  This holiday is about the people around your dinner table to share conversation, thoughts, appreciation and above all love for those that you are with.  There is something so memorable about that and the reason why I love entertaining. 

Now that the holiday is past us, and we begin transitioning to Christmas and New Years, I wanted to take a moment to reminisce about what a wonderful holiday Thanksgiving is and we are looking forward to next years celebration.

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