Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thanksgiving Drinks

Coming up with a signature cocktail or drinks in general is always a challenge for me.  Ironically, it's often my favorite touch during a party because it's a great way to put a fun spin on a theme.  Maybe I also appreciate the signature drink because it's something I struggle with.  Anyway, we've been trying to think what we want to do with a signature drink for Thanksgiving...or if it's even necessary for that matter.  Does anyone have any suggestions for a great Fall/Thanksgiving themed cocktail (virgin or alcoholic)?  Drinks are definitely my biggest difficulty, what party of entertaining do you find the most challenging?

Whether we conquer the signature cocktail challenge or not, there are a few staples that we know we'll always have when hosting a party whether it's for Thanksgiving or another party.  Our fridge isn't that big, so we find these buckets priceless when needing to offer cold beverages.  This also keeps people from constantly coming to the kitchen to get another drink while we're cooking.  We'll stock it with beer, still and sparkling water, soft drinks and sometimes juices depending on the audience.

Another fantastic idea that we stole from our favorite restaurant is filling filtered water in these containers.  We bought a bunch of them at Ikea for only $3 and use them all the time.  I love these bottles for so many reasons.  First, come on, you have to admit they are kind of cool looking at least compared to bottled water (and you don't have to worry about wet labels on the bottle).  Second, they are so much more cost efficient and environmentally friendly than buying bottled water and throwing away all the left over half full bottles.  Also, if you use a pitcher and fill it up with water, it doesn't stay cold for that long and condensation from the ice in the pitcher gets everywhere.  These water containers back a perfect punch for any party.

Other than those staples, we're still trying to figure out what cocktails to serve.  We may just be keeping it simple but I would love any ideas you may have!

Have a great weekend!

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